The Life and Times of Ric Flair

It could be that you a sports lover and mostly the wrestling sport. If you are, you probably know all the wrestlers, or maybe you only know a few of them. Professional wrestling has some of the greatest names of all times, and there are very many sportsmen and women in that profession. This article has some information concerning a great wrestler by the name of Ric Flair. Read on!. Learn more about ric flair, go here

Ric is known as one of the best and successful wrestlers throughout the years. He has been in the business for more than ten years, and he has featured in the World Wrestling Entertainment Hal of Fame for quite some years. Be advised that he influenced numerous rap artistes with his fabulous way of life and they started living like him. Find out for further details right here

Flair possesses a unique and common title in the history of wrestling. But the irony of it all is that he does not know his real name. He was taken up for adoption shortly after he was born in 1949.He was born in Memphis, and he was taken to the Tennessee kids' home, which was infamous for kidnapping youngsters and giving them to couples who could not get children of their own. Now you understand why he does not know his birth name.

He met a longtime friend, and they began training. Ric nearly stopped his vocation before starting it because of the difficult exercises. His friend was a professional wrestler at that time, and they did their exercises in a cowshed. The long runs and bodily workouts nearly made him leave, but his coach did not give him that chance.

Ric endured the rough physical activity, and he began performing consistently in America, then he started getting gigs in other countries. He almost lost his life when a plane he was in went down in North Carolina. It is sad that the pilot passed on, and Rick broke his back in two different spots. His physician did not think Flair would be able to fight again. He had to change his wrestling style, and he was able to get back to wrestling after eight long months.

At one time Ric was almost struck by lightning as he embarked from an aircraft. It was raining, and he had an umbrella in his hand. Believe you me, the brolly was flung high up in the air, and it hit a man who was walking behind Ric some fifty meters away in the eye killing him on the spot. Flair was taken aback when he saw the man lying dead.He used to spend a lot of money to buy his colorful outfits, and they were so expensive, but he did not care. He also borrowed money to ensure that he had the costumes and he claims that has gone to bed with a thousand women. Ric Flair is his name. Take a look at this link  for more information.